Stop the Coup Protest in Manchester

Silencing Parliament is bot democracy! #stopthecoup
Show us on the bear where Boris touched your democracy.
Pro-democracy, not prorogue
Boris’ coup is poo. Hands off our Parliament. Revoke, Remain, Repair. Stop the coup. Defend Democracy. Not happy.
Boris likes Nickleback.
Even Voldemort didn’t prorogue the Ministry of Magic.
I’m fed up with unelected bureaucrats.
This is why we can’t have nice things.
Stop Boris Stop Brexit Stop the Coup. Unicorns against Brexit.
Bojo is a DICKtator
No No No No No No Tories
Deal or No Deal — joker
Prorogue (no!) Anti-rogue (Hell yeah!)
Even Voldemort didn’t prorogue the Ministry of Magic. I’ll prorogue your Mum.
Boris loves Cummings sitting in a tree tossing up our democracy
Angry dog, The Coup is Poo!
BJ Sucks
You’re not a King, Boris. Boris Lies.
Now is the time to rage against the Boris Machine. Only Rogues prorogue. Defend democracy, Oi Queen! Time to actually do something!
Oi Queen! Time to actually do something! A No Deal brexit will create violence and chaos. We’ve already had too many bombs in Manchester.
At least Charles I bothered to comb his hair. Won’t somebody please think of the children!
Suspended BogJob. You work for us Boris! Not my Prime-minister.
I didn’t consent to this. Democracy grade F-
Bojo is a no no! This is some Palpatine-level shit, Boris! #stopthecoup This is not what a democracy looks like.
Democracy not hypocrisy. Worst episode of Black Mirror ever.
I’d make a better Prime Minister and I’m fictional!
Then we join with Extinction Rebellion.




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Claire Wade

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